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    When two people are in love they want to marry each other to seal their love. However, sometimes the plan of love marriage is not acceptable due to many reasons. The planet placement in the horoscope chart of either bride or groom is the cause of the negation in love marriage. Astrology has answers to all the problems that are caused in the love marriage and the holy bond too.

    What Are The Problems That Occur Before Love Marriage?

    The planet Venus that resides in the fourth house is the house and the planet of love. If it is weak then the chances of love marriage are low. The house should also not hold any malefic planet because if that happens then the chances of love marriage are lost. This is just one problem but there are many more problems that cannot let love marriage happen.

    How Does Astrology Helps With The Remedies That Help Love Marriage?

    Astrology has a lot of remedies and solutions which are carefully calculated by Master Devanand after having the right analysis of your horoscope. It is very important to have a look at your horoscope to know the issues that have been there like the entry of a malefic planet in the benefic house. This can only be done by the renowned astrologer Master Devanand.

    How Can We Solve The Problems Of Love Marriage And How Can We Meet Master Devanand Ji.

    If you want your love marriage to happen and you want to remove all the problems that stand in front of you then you should contact Master Devanand Ji, the best astrologer in North York, Toronto. You can book an appointment with him on call or you can email your problem too.

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