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    By A Kundali? Does Everyone Have One?

    Kundali is a horoscope chart that is the exact replica of the position of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth. This is a very important part of astrology as the kundali or the celestial horoscope chart tells a lot about us and our life. The kundali becomes most useful at the time of our wedding as in Indian weddings; the kundali matching is done before finalizing the wedding.

    Why Everyone Should Have A Kundali With Them Made By Master Devanand?

    Kundali is essential as this is the only way by which we are connected with astrology. If you don’t have a kundali then Master Devanand will not be able to know about your past, present, or future. Kundali is a table which has 12 houses with all the planets placed in it. If you have your kundali then only Master Devanand will be able to read the ups and downs of your life.

    What Does Your Kundali Tell You About Your Marriage?

    Kundali tells us about all the aspects that we have in our lives like career, love, relationships, future predictions, business, and many more. Marriage is a vital part of kundali as it tells about what kind of a person we will get married to and how will be our married life. To have a successful marriage, the guna score should be above 18 as below this, the wedding cannot take place.

    How Can We Avail The Kundali Milan Service From Master Devanand?

    Master Devanand is the best astrologer in North York, Toronto and people come to him from all places. His recognition has brought many people to him and his ability to solve all types of personal and professional problems too. You can call on the number on the website to book an appointment with him. he keeps all the meetings private and confidential.

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